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ACMA: Guidelines and Recommended Practices for Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP) Architectural Products

AVK Market Report 2016


AVK Market Report 2015


AVK Market Report 2014

EuCIA Planner 2014

Video : The 2nd Sustainability Conference of the European Alliance for SMC/BMC

2nd Sustainibility Conference of The European Alliance for SMC/BMC


AVK Market Report 2013

GPIC SMC Technology

GPIC composites panels for trucks

GPIC Railway sector


AVK Market Report 2012


EuCIA Brochure : "Recycling made it easy"

AVK Market Report 2011

EURECOMP Newsletter

Introducing EuCIA Recycling & Sustainability Platform

European Alliance for SMC/BMC Position Paper

Sustainability of SMC/BMC based products

Joint Industry Position: Glass fibre reinforced thermosets: recyclable and compliant with the EU legislation


AVK Market Report 2010

EuCIA Activities Report

Sustainability of Fibre-Reinforced Plastics - An Assessment Based on Selected Examples of Application

Industry Position on the impact of potential anti-dumping measures on glass fibre products originating in China [EN] [IT] [DE]

EuCIA Letter to National Associations (NAs) and companies members of NAs regarding anti-dumping proceedings


AVK Market Report

EPTA World Pultrusion Conference - Presentation Exel Composites UK

REACh in the Composites Industry


AVK Market Report 2008

EuCIA Activity Report