26 OCT 2016

EuCIA Ecocalculator - the new web-based tool for cradle-to-gate eco-design of composites products – has finally been released this summer, and it is open for use to the European composites community. The tool is offered for free until the end of the year. We strongly encourage you to open your own account, use the tool and give us some feedback of your experience. The tool is available at the following link or through EuCIA’s webpage

This trial version contains the data for four conversion processes (Pultrusion, Resin Infusion, RTM and SMC/BMC Moulding) and for a large variety of combinations of different fibers, resins and additives. We are very much interested to receive contributions from manufacturing companies and material suppliers to expand our database. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to contribute.

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