Joint declaration for an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

03 MAR 2017

On 16 February, ahead of the Competitiveness Council (on 20 February), 92 European industrial associations – including EuCIA – representing a wide array of manufacturing sectors co-signed and published a Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy. That number grew to 126 total signatories by the end of the month – just in time for the EU Industry Day (28 February).

The declaration urges the European Commission to propose an EU industrial strategy that will help safeguard the world leadership of European manufacturers and jobs in Europe.

On 20 February,  during the press conference following the Competitiveness Council, EU Industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska acknowledged that “all Member States called on the European Commission for an overall coherent industrial policy document” and explained that “time has come to really have a European vision for industry”.  

Commissioner Bienkowska has opened a first door but the mobilisation of these manufacturing sectors will undoubtedly  help convince European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to adopt such an industrial strategy. 

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