EuCIA develops Eco Impact Calculator Tool for Composites

14 JUN 2015

On May 26th the kick off meeting for the developpement of an Eco Impact Calculator Tool took place at the Dutch EY head office in Amsterdam, in the presence of representatives from the whole value chain of the composite industry.
The project, entirely calculator will allows producers of composite parts to quantify the environmental  impact of the production of the composite parts from ''cradle to gate''. The tool will be developed in a close cooperation of EuCIA and EY (NL). Ernst and young who has a broad experience in developing similar tools and has worked recently with the German Composite association AVK on th edevelopment of a Life Cycle Inventory for 5 classes of unsaturated and vinyl ester resins will be in charge for the development of the tool. 
The calculator tool will be operating online with the objective is to make it widely available for the “average” professional in the composite industry, without the need of a deep know-how of Life Cycle Assessment processes. This means that the tool will allow the user to generate the so-called Eco Fact Sheets, based on the raw materials used and the conversion process adopted for manufaturing the product. 
EuCIA will involve its members for the generation and collection of data. The tool is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2016.
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