Lightweight, Durable and Sustainable Composites

Press Club - Brussels  |  25 OCT - 00 0000

Composites are lightweight, strong and durable materials which can be manufactured in complex shapes at a cost-effective way: for these reasons, they found ever growing applications in many engineering fields. Composites are also fully compatible with our environment and help making a more efficient use of natural resources. The conversion processes, for example, are equivalent or even cleaner than those used for other traditional structural materials, and the greatest advantage of composites in terms of environmental impact is achieved during the use phase, in which lightness and durability are major advantages. The seminar will focus on all these aspects, in order to provide the audience with a deeper insight about sustainability of high-performance composite materials.

09:45 Welcome;  Roberto Frassine, President, EuCIA

09:50 Environmental Impact of Composites over the Whole Life Cycle, Ben Drogt, BiinC

10:20 European Commission Environmental Footprint methods: status of play and future outlook; Michele Galatola, Product Team Leader - DG ENV. Expert LCA,  European Commission

10:40: Circular economy: Recycling GRP through applied LCA scenarios, Victor Vladimirov, Environment and Energy Manager, Hobas

11:00-11:30 : Break

11:30-11:50: Life cycle analysis for Carbon Composite Structures in different branches, Prof. Axel Herrmann, Airbus

11:50- 12:10: LCA of composites for automotive : what findings ?, Samuel Causse, Evea Conseil

12:10 – 12:30 : TBD

12:30- 12:50 : EuCIA Ecocalculator: Focus on the Production of Composites; Ben Drogt, BiinC

12:50-13:00 : Closing remarks

13:00 – 14:00 Business lunch. 


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